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Old Traditions - New Technology
We are a locally owned and operated company, available for the smallest of jobs to the largest. Our renowned, honest, courteous, professional services are available at very competitive rates.
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Racoon Removal & Control
Bat Management & Control
Muskrat Management & Control
Beaver Management & Control
Bird Control
We are the leading wildlife control company in the state and rated #1 with city and state agencies for a number of good reasons. 

We specialize in live animal trapping and do not use harmful chemicals or poisons of any kind. We are always ready to solve your problem animal management and removal needs as we employ three full-time and one part-time wildlife control technicians. 
Coyote, Fox & Bobcat Control
Rat Trapping & Removal
Squirrel Removal
Ferral Cat Trapping
Skunk Removal
Established in 1985...

Northwest Nuisance Wildlife Control is the oldest and most trusted wildlife control business in Washington. 
Seattle pest Control
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Serving Greater Seattle...

Wildlife Removal and Control of Seattle and Surrounding Areas offered by Northwest Nuisance Wildlife Control

Our services include...

the removal, management and control of beavers, muskrats, bats, raccoons, birds, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, rats, squirrels, feral cats and skunks.
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(888) 868-3063